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ilyana: (Ilyana)

I'm... so... hungry

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This is an RP account for Ilyana from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.

Ilyana is a soft spoken, kindhearted, somewhat ordinary girl, with one very big problem... her appetite. She's a very sickly young lady throughout much of Path of Radiance, and much of this isn't explained until the characters start to get to know her better. Her weakness, her fainting, her frailty, all of it is due to a lack of food. If it's fair to say every character has one defining trait, Ilyana's would be her insatiable appetite for food. Her need to eat so often, shapes much of who she is as a person, and she struggles daily just to get the proper amount of food she needs. She often relies on the kindness of others to help her meet her daily food quota, and almost all funds she earns from her work as a mercenary, goes toward feeding herself. Ilyana is usually flat broke thanks to her need for insane extra quantities of food, and as such she usually lives a more humble life without many luxuries.

Oftentimes she can be quite manipulative without even completely realizing it, using her charm and good looks to try to make people feed her. For instance, she would not be above going out on a date with someone, just so that she could have them pay for her meal, and on one route, even does so. She rarely even remembers the names of the people who buy her food, being terrible at putting names to faces. However, if said person makes it a habit of feeding her, she will try to make a conscious effort of remembering their name, as that is the polite thing to do. She doesn't like the fact that she forgets peoples names after they've been kind enough to offer her food, she's just usually so hungry that it's hard to think of much else at the time. She is always grateful to those who help her though, and will often help people who have helped her out, in almost any way she can.

While one of Ilyana's most defining traits is her eating habits, she is also an archsage of immense power. To become an archsage requires quite a bit of studying, and discipline, and she is the the only playable lightning mage in the game. If it were not for the discipline she developed from learning the arcane arts, she likely would have sold her essential equipment for food. She is quite proficient with her lightning magic, and as such knows not to use it irresponsibly, as her magic can wreak some heavy havoc. Ilyana tends to like cute animals, and Ilyana is also quite fond of Laguz. Laguz are shape-shifters that can transform into great beast like animals, and their more human form, which still has many animal characteristics, such as a tail or ears. Laguz in her world are a different race from the Beorc (As this game likes to call human beings), and as such, many of the Beorc have a lot of prejudice towards Laguz, which Ilyana does not, as she is a much kinder and gentle person. She was able to remember the name of a Laguz she befriended, more than any other human being she had encountered.

Despite her voracious apatite, Ilyana doesn't like it to be well known knowledge that she eats as much as she does, for fear that people might judge her poorly for it, or worse, stop feeding her so much. Because of this she will often simply grow faint and weary from lack of food, because she doesn't necessarily wish to reveal her true nature to strangers. If someone she knows on the other hand, eats in front of her while she's feeling particularly starving, she isn't above swiping a chicken wing right out their hands, as they're trying to eat it. One could say Ilyana is actually quite shy in many respects, but once she gets to know someone she's quite warm, especially if she has something to snack on.

She will often get quite defensive if someone pokes fun at her eating habits, as she's very sensitive about her daily struggle for food. There are very few things that can enrage Ilyana, but stealing her food, or making fun of her, is a nearly surefire way to do it. When it comes to matters of flirting or romance, Ilyana mostly just views it as a tactic for getting food, or potentially making a friend... who likes to feed her. She's not really all that interested in things like flowers, jewelry, or knights in shining armor. She's more interested in more practical things like, food, spell books, friends, food, a warm place to sleep, surviving her next battle, food, saving the world, fighting for what's right, freedom, and of course, more food.
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